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Documents about Geology

and Geophysics subjects

University of Aarhus, Denmark

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Short description

languarge = DKGroundwater investigation

languarge = DKDevelopment of magnetic Loggin tool

languarge = DKNew High Tc SQUID magnetometer

languarge = DKMagnetic measuments in Litaunia (Rokai)

languarge = DKMeasurement of Atomic concentration

languarge = DKDating of tile stones from a old oven

languarge = DKWriting a computer program for paleomagnetic data analyses and plotting

Other documents

languarge = USMagnetic-Stratigraphic and Magnetic-loggin (overheads)

languarge = DKMagnetic measurement in connection with bore hole loggin

languarge = DKChemical analyses of Zircon (Zr) with EDS and WDS

Geological fieldwork in Slemmestad Norway

languarge = DKMapping of sulphate in groundwater, near Beder Århus

Main Document (Master degree)

languarge = DKStart of Document

languarge = DKChapter 1. Mounting and testing a new cryogen SQUID-magnetometer

languarge = DKChapter 2. Magnetic measuring on samples from Rokai, Lithuania

languarge = DKChapter 3. Operating manual for the SQUID-magnetometer

My study

languarge = USLiterature used for my term paper

languarge = DKCourses in my study

languarge = DKWhat is Paleomagnetic ?