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  • Why a bone?

    Why a bone?

    It all began a decade ago. We had just bought a new car, one that accommodates strollers, prams, and car seats way better. This new marvel came equipped with all the latest gadgets, including a lamp that lights up when your car feels the sudden urge to check its oil level. Not the ominous red…

  • MC lesson learned, Chapter one

    MC lesson learned, Chapter one

    Ah, the groovy 70s, when helmets were just fancy headgear for astronauts, and danger was our middle name! My dear old mother, bless her heart, only had two rules for me: no motorbikes and absolutely no boxing contests. Naturally, I did the logical thing when I hit 18 – bought the baddest motorbike in town…

  • Horseback riding, second encounter

    Horseback riding, second encounter

    Picture this: Jack, the not-so-seasoned equestrian, is thrust into the chaotic world of horseback riding once again, but this time, he’s got the “help” of professionals – his horse-savvy cousins. These two cowgirls, armed with their own stable and horses, decide it’s high time for Jack to join the ranks of the equine elite. Now,…

  • Horseback riding, first encounter

    Horseback riding, first encounter

    Buckle up, folks, because we’re diving headfirst into the wild world of horseback hijinks with our hero, Jack – the not-so-horse-savvy teenager on a quest for equestrian adventure! Now, Jack wasn’t exactly a seasoned cowboy. In fact, he could count the number of times he’d been in the company of horses on one hand –…

  • Diving contest

    Diving contest

    Once upon a time, in the bustling town of Swimsville, I, a young preteen adventurer, found myself facing the ultimate challenge of diving long distances. It wasn’t just about breaking records; it was about winning the coveted trophy in the boy group for the longest free dive at the local swimming hall. Picture this: about…

  • Catching the flag

    Catching the flag

    In the quaint town of Sonderborg, where aspiring sergeants honed their skills, I found myself in a sticky situation during the Two Princes of Denmark’s royal visit. Now, you must understand, this was a school for sergeants, not a school for flag acrobatics, but destiny had other plans for me. Picture this: I’m standing in…

  • Next best way to impress preteens, chapter 2

    Next best way to impress preteens, chapter 2

    Chapter 2 of the epic saga chronicling my valiant attempts to impress the preteen population in my neighborhood unfolds, and in a stunning plot twist, I find myself entangled in the same mistake—because, as everyone knows, repeating your mistakes is the hallmark of true wisdom. Or so I convinced myself as I geared up for…

  • A Soldier’s Encounter with Unexpected Grazers

    A Soldier’s Encounter with Unexpected Grazers

    In the vast, tranquil fields where nature and warfare intersected, a lone soldier found himself in an extraordinary situation that defied the conventional narrative of a battlefield. This soldier, hailing from a bustling metropolis far removed from the serene countryside, was defending a motor position, surrounded by swaying grass and an unexpected audience – a…

  • Next best way to impress preteens

    Next best way to impress preteens

    In the tumultuous era of preteens, I found myself grappling with a formidable challenge – impressing the elusive realm of cute girls. They seemed to have developed an immunity to my charms, casting their gaze elsewhere like I was offering up invisible snacks. Determined to shift the tides of teenage affection, I concocted a plan…

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  • Danish to English with outfielder