Diving contest

Once upon a time, in the bustling town of Swimsville, I, a young preteen adventurer, found myself facing the ultimate challenge of diving long distances. It wasn’t just about breaking records; it was about winning the coveted trophy in the boy group for the longest free dive at the local swimming hall.

Picture this: about 10 boys, armed with the determination of Olympic athletes, had trained rigorously in the art of underwater acrobatics. We were ready to spend an eternity below the water, or at least until our moms called us for dinner.

I had my fair share of attempts, and on my best day, I managed a full length and a half. The only issue was that our diving contest shared the waters with other swimmers, creating a chaotic underwater traffic jam. Nevertheless, the competition was fierce, and we were determined to emerge as champions.

One fateful day, four brave souls, including yours truly, positioned ourselves at the edge of the Olympic-sized swimming pool. With the enthusiasm of Brandon Sanderson’s characters embarking on epic quests, we plunged into the depths for the ultimate contest dive.

As I descended into the watery abyss, I couldn’t tell if I was winning or losing. However, the moment I needed to resurface for air, fate took a peculiar turn. Instead of the blissful encounter with the open air, I found myself face-to-face (or rather, face-to-stomach) with a very voluminous lady sporting a pink bouncing hat.

Before I could process the unexpected encounter, chaos erupted. A boy, like a torpedo launched from the ocean depths, collided with the lady from below. She went into a full-blown panic, kicking, screaming, and thrashing around.

Caught in the midst of the aquatic pandemonium, I suffered a fate worse than drowning—I got kicked down. My world turned into a swirling vortex of bubbles and darkness as I lost consciousness.

The next thing I knew, a heroic lifeguard was struggling to drag me back to the safety of dry land. As I regained consciousness, I found myself at the center of attention, surrounded by concerned onlookers. The lady, now no longer sporting a bouncing hat but a frown of disapproval, was convinced that banning young boys from underwater acrobatics was the only sensible solution.


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